Van Thomas’ daughter Christine has always been his greatest fan.  Even from a young age she closely followed his professional accomplishments and enjoyed hearing the stories of his travels discovering unique ingredients and hair techniques from around the world.  But what she loved most was seeing how truly alive her father became when talking about creating his own unique hair care formula.  Christine knew that Van’s rejuvenating conditioner really worked and encouraged him to take a chance and make his own product line.  Although Van recognized there was a need for his products, the idea of preparing it for the marketplace simply felt too daunting.   So Van offered Christine a promise.  He told her that “Someday when the time was right” he would bring the product to market.  She agreed and they sealed their deal with their standard pinkie promise.

Tragically, just months later in the fall of 2010 Christine passed away suddenly.   Heartbroken by the loss of his vibrant daughter, Van quietly set aside his work and moved into an early retirement.  

Months slowly passed before Christine’s husband Kiki Chansamone approached Van with a very special message.  Shortly before her death, Christine had told him how much she believed in her father’s product line and that she wished Kiki could help to make the dream a reality.  At that time he promised to do as much as he could- but now it had become even more important to him to fulfill her request.

But a question remained- if Van was finally ready. 

Determined to make Christine proud Van Thomas agreed to return from retirement and rededicated his life to fulfilling his promise to his daughter.  Van and Kiki decided to launch a brand together that embodied everything that they loved about Christine.  It had to be elegant, honest, and committed to living every moment of life beautifully. 

Today, because of their promises to her we celebrate the Christine Hair Repair line and the woman who inspired it. 

The Christine Hair Care line launched in 2014 with our own very special promise to you-  “The Christine name on our products is our pledge to source and manufacture using the highest quality American made materials and services.  We care about your hair as much as you do.  That’s why we won’t skimp.  Ever.